Husqvarna-SKS RACING NL team

The Husqvarna SKS NL Racing team participates in various motocross championship series, including the European -, German, and Open Dutch championship series.

The young team originated where the principals of former GP teams and motocross specialists pooled their talents. The team can therefore rely on decades worth of experience and good track records from within its ranks.

All team activities are co-ordinated via the company started by the team, 4 Stroke MX Service BV. The well equipped workshop situated at Waalwijk is the team’s home base.

The team’s principals have a true passion for the sport and they have developed the team concept with emphasis on technology, optimal rider training and good presentation.

Scott Smulders


Gyan Doensen


Team objectives

To guide young riders to the top level through long-term interaction.

To guide young riders to the top level through long-term interaction.

To establish a professional structure with good internal policies with which sponsors and manufacturers can associate themselves.

To achieve good results, and to participate in the sport in an honourable manner.

The strive to make participation in motocross at high level more affordable.

These objectives are actively pursued by relying on the experience, knowledge and talents of the team’s principals, team members and other associates. The team requires optimal input and discipline from its riders, and in exchange, the team offers world championship-level guidance and the best equipment.


The team naturally chose for Husqvarna motorcycles. To keep racing affordable, a team needs to have the use of competitive motorcycles that are also reliable and are cost-effective to maintain. The new Husqvarna product range excels in all these respects. The team receives support from Husqvarna Netherlands directly. The bikes are fully maintained in the team’s own workshop and are serviced according to fixed service intervals. Co-operation with technical specialists, also motivated by the objective of keeping racing affordable, has enabled the team to create an optimal maintenance package and also enables them to prepare tailor-made bikes suited of every client’s individual needs. Technical manager Hans Koenen is responsible for ensuring that the bikes are in tip top shape, and every rider receives individial attention in the optimal preparation of his bike.


To achieve the best results over the course of a long season, riders have to receive professional training and guidance. The team’s riders have access to various coaches and advisors, who together form an indispensable support component.

Not every rider always has the opportunity of training with a GP rider, but the team’s training program under guidance of Hans Koenen offers the riders a professional mix of physical, mental and riding training.

The physical training programs are developed in consultation with medical – and training professionals, and the riders also undergo regular fitness – and medical check ups. The team riders also receive nutritional advice and – guidance. Sportvoedingsland, a nutritional supplement specialist that focuses on high-impact sports, is a team partner and supplies the riders with supplements.


Scott Smulders

Gyan Doensen

Team management

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Hans Koenen (NL): Tel. 0031 (0) 6 11363121 /

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