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Gyan Doensen of the Husqvarna SKS Racing NL team has clinched the World Championship title in the 85 class. In Vantaa in Finland he managed to win both motos to clinch the title. 

After a good preparation he started the weekend with a lot of confidence. He was feeling well on the sandy track and managed to take the pole position in the qualifying practice.

In the first moto he took a decent start and came out of the first corner just outside of the top five. He took his time to pass the riders in front of him and worked his way up into second position. He started to close down the gap to the leader and with a nice passing manoeuvre he took over the lead. In the rest of the race he was in control and won the first moto.

His start in the second moto was better and this time he worked his way up into the lead in the beginning of the race. He was riding a high pace but after a few laps he got passed and dropped back to second position. Gyan had to win the second moto to clinch the title. He gave everything he had and was putting the pressure on the leader. When the leader made a crash he took over the lead and managed to win the race.

With a double moto win he took the overall win and clinched the world title. For Gyan and the Husqvarna SKS Racing NL team this is a successful season with the world title, Dutch Masters title and the Vice European 85 title.

Overall World Championship 85cc:
1 Gyan Doensen 50 Pnt
2 Vitezslav Marek 44 Pnt
3 Jarne Bervoets 40 Pnt
4 Freddie Bartlett 29 Pnt
5 Tristen Sardo 26 Pnt

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