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Lynn Valk of the Husqvarna SKS Racing NL team clinched victory during the penultimate round of the EMX Womens championship in France. She finished second in the opening heat, but claimed victory in the second, giving her the overall honours.

Lynn had a good start in race one, slotting into third. She immediately moved into second. “The riding went well, but it was difficult to pass, because the track was quite one-lined. This also made it difficult with lapped riders. I finished second, which still placed the overall within reach,” she said.

Lynn concentrated on the start of race two, and this time she secured the holeshot. She kept her rhythm, and claimed victory. With her overall victory, she remains in second spot in the championship standings.

Overall EMX Women France:
1. Lynn Valk 2-1
2. Shana van der Vlist 1-2
3. Virginie Germond 3-3
4. Jessie Joineau 4-4
5. Camille Viaud 6-6

EMX Women Championship Standings:
1. Shana van der Vlist 194 Pnt
2. Lynn Valk 172 Pnt
3. Anne Borchers 157 Pnt
4. Martine Hughes 130 Pnt
5. Mathea Selebo 109 Pnt

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