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Lynn Valk of the Husqvarna SKS Racing NL team won the first round of the Open Dutch Womens motocross championship series at Axel. She took the early lead on both races and was unchallenged on the day.

Lynn immediately found her groove at the track, and qualified in pole position. She started in second place in race one after a good start. “I immediately pounced, and went for the lead. I raced at my own tempo for the rest of the heat, and won comfortably,” she said.

Lynn got the holeshot in race two, and there was no stopping her. She dominated the race, and with her overall victory she now leads the championship.

Kay Karssemakers participated in the Open Dutch Championship 250 race at Halle in preparation of the EMX250 event at Oss next weekend. He took a poor start in both races, and also crashed in both heats. He was as high as fourth when he crashed in the second heat, but unfortunately, the combination of factors held him to 12th and 13th in the heats respectively, which earned him 12th overall for the day.

Overall Women Dutch Open Axel:
1 Lynn Valk 100 Pnt
2 Shana van der Vlist 86 Pnt
3 Britt Jans Beken 86 Pnt
4 Danee Gelissen 74 Pnt
5 Avrie Berry 72 Pnt

Overall Dutch Open 250 Halle:
1 Rick Elzinga 100 Pnt
2 Andrea Bonacorsi 83 Pnt
3 Kjell Verbruggen 77 Pst
4 Dave Kooiker 76 Pnt
5 Wesley Dieudonne 65 Pnt
12 Kay Karssemakers 57 Pnt

Photocredits – Eric Laurijssen and Leon van der Spank

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