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Kay Karssemakers of the Husqvarna SKS Racing NL team scored his first EMX125 podium during the European championship round at Maggiora in Italy. Karssemakers had to battle hard for the result, and battled to the finish flag in both races. With third and fifth in the heats respectively, he had done enough to earn a podium call up for third overall.

The track at Maggiora has a hard underground, big jumps and a technical layout. Kay was quickly at home, and qualified third on his Husqvarna TC125.

Kay started off in seventh place in race one, and started surging forward. He worked his way up to fourth, but by then the leaders had already disappeared. Kay profited from a crash by another rider and finished third.

Kay was tense in the second heat because a potential podium place was in the offing. He started in fifth, but a crash dropped him to eighth. He found his rhythm and moved forward to fifth, which indeed brought a podium finish within reach. It was still a battle to the end, because a rider following was also in the hunt for the last podium spot. Kay prevailed, though, and indeed there was a podium call up for the happy young man.

“It is my first EMX125 podium and I am delighted,” Kay said. “It was a beautiful but challenging track, and I had a lot of fun. In the first race I came back from far to finish third, which made a podium possible. A better start in the second race made it easier for me. I did crash once, but came back to fifth to get the podium. Everything is going superbly within the team. I am fit, the riding is going well, and we all share the same goal.”

Kay is currently third in the EMX125 championship standings, just four points behind second. The next round of the series is in Finland on 22 August.

Overall EMX125 Maggiora:
1 Haakon Osterhagen 50 Pnt
2 Valerio Lata 44 Pnt
3 Kay Karssemakers 36 Pnt
4 Andrea Rossi 33 Pnt
5 Scott Smulders 33 Pnt

EMX125 Championship Standings:
1 Haakon Osterhagen 95 Pst
2 Valerio Lata 72 Pnt
3 Kay Karssemakers 68 Pnt
4 Bobby Bruce 57 Pnt
5 Scott Smulders 54 Pnt

Photocredits – Huub Munsters

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