In DMoM125, DMoM250, EMX125

The Royal Dutch Motorcyclist Association (KNMV) and Husqvarna SKS Racing have joined hands to provide emerging young motocross talents the opportunity to develop into full-blown world championship ricers. The first riders to have joined the initiative are Kay Karssemakers and Cas Valk.

The KNMV has established a full-time Centre for Top sport and Education (CTO) at Papendal. The centre combines sports development and education, and talented sportspeople are assisted there in their development under the guidance of specialist trainers and educators.

The development of young riders forms part of the very DNA of the Husqvarna SKS Racing team This has lead to a great co-operation between the team and CTO. As from 2021, participants in the program will receive expert guidance with regards to the physical, mental and nutritional aspects of their development. This will be combined with the team’s acknowledged expertise with regards to riding training and support at races.

Top talents Kay Karssemakers and Cas Valk were already part of the CTO program, and as from 2021, they will form part of the Husqvarna-SKS Racing team. Kay will participate in the EMX and Dutch Masters of Motocross 250 series, and Cas will go for honours in the EMX125 and Dutch Masters of Motocross 125 series.

Patrice Assendelft, director KNMV: “By collaborating closely with the Husqvarna-SKS Racing team, we can further expand the structure that we have established with our full time CTO program. The objectives and ambitions of the team fit in perfectly with our own objectives. The KNMV is focused on developing promising young riders and assisting them to get to world level in a measured way, I am keenly forward to the co-operation with Toine Uijttewaal and his team.”


Toine Uijttewaal, Owner of Husqvanra-SKS Racing: “We are proud as motocross team to have been selected to form part of the KNMV-CTO concept. This is a unique initiative with the development of selected talented young motocross riders. Our Husqvarna SKS Racing team has years of experience in the sport, and drawing from our valued partnership with Husqvarna Motorcycles and WP Suspension, we are proud to have access to top level bikes that can participate at the highest level possible.”

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